Our Motto is simple, "Serious Wine for Non-Serious People".... And we try to enjoy life to the fullest and take many things casually, except when it comes to

the making of our wine. Whether you are a unique wine connoisseur, casual wine lover, or uncorking bottles for the first time, you will see and taste the experience

and expertise that the winemaker and our winery team puts into every bottle.





  White   RS:   0.0


  3.11   ALC:   12.1%


Beautifully balanced, with the hint of ripe melon overtones. Fermented to

dryness, light in color, and accented with the mild hint of pear and vanilla.

Our Chardonnay is medium bodied with a very soft, long finish.


Best Paired With:

A perfect pairing with any seafood, pork, pasta, sharp cheeses,

or poultry cuisine. It is hard to go wrong with this selection.





  White   RS:   0.5


  3.43   ALC:   11.7%


This is a rare "Dry" Riesling. The grape itself had the slightly higher pH

level to bring out the fruit sensations that is standard with most Rieslings,

yet still has the crispness of a dry wine. It's enjoyed by so many.


Best Paired With:

A great wine with the Caribbean, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisines,

spiced to perfection. It's enjoyed with so many things from sautéed

shrimp, chicken, scallops, and fish. It's also a great pre-dinner

appetizer with all menu selections.




  White   RS:   1.8


  3.38   ALC:   13.7%


A unique and rare blending of our Chardonnay and Magnolia grapes created

in a old aged "Port" style. A soft feeling with a warm sunrise morning finish.

It shows the character of it's strength in a easy and relaxing way.


Best Paired With:

Out with friends or relaxing after a beautiful dinner evening of appetizers,

salads, and meals, this would be a fantastic dessert. Paired with

strawberries dipped in dark chocolate or perhaps a rich cheese cake,

either way it's a level of relaxation and enjoyment.




  White   RS:   4.5


  3.15   ALC:   11.3%


Medium bodied with a soft apple and pear finish. Rich yet mellow with

sweet fruit forward overtones. Finished at this level, it captures the

true characteristics of the grape as it comes from the vineyard.


Best Paired With:

By itself or with pork, poultry, or seafood. This wine is a nice choice

especially with anything created with a little heat to it. Try it next

time with a spicy appetizer or a low country crab and shrimp boil.

Smell those spices beginning to fill the air


MUSCAT  (aka: Muscato)


  White   RS:   5.1


  3.62   ALC:   1073%


Slightly sweet, aromatic, and sensual. The wine expresses cantaloupe

and honeydew flavors over a citrus core structure. Delicious as an

aperitif or paired with a light meal. Best served chilled.


Best Paired With:

Salads, cheeses, fruit, and is a wonderful accompaniment to many

desserts, especially ones with berries. A real favorite among many.