Red Fruit   RS:   4.7


  3.24   ALC:   11.3%


Fresh blackberries from vineyard to bottle. The strong sensation, paired with

the slightly higher acid, gives a robust taste to the wine. Blackberries, like all

dark-colored fruits, contain flavonoids, which have unique antioxidant

properties that have been shown to decrease the risk of a verity

 of cancers,  including cervical and breast.


Best Paired With:

A perfect pairing with almost anything. any seafood, pork, pasta, sharp

cheeses, or poultry cuisine. It is hard to go wrong with this selection. Enjoy!





  Red Fruit   RS:   5.2


  3.37   ALC:   11.1%


Our strawberry wine brings the fresh summer taste of our region to the

highest point. You'll feel the soft fruit aromas straight from the glass

upon the first sip. What a great way to relax watching a sunset.


Best Paired With:

A perfect pairing with any spicy salad, especially with seafood or

chicken, if paired with sharp cheeses. Also great as a light

dessert wine. A fan favorite among many.





  Red Fruit   RS:   4.9


  3.12   ALC:   11.0%


Our raspberry wine brings the straight taste of the raspberry itself. Slightly

higher acid taste than the blackberry makes it feel slightly stronger. So

many people enjoy this because it's so rare and so full of body. It contains

so many of the health benefits that the Blackberry and Blueberry does as

well. and it's just a great wine to enjoy.


Best Paired With:

Just about anything across the board. Many enjoy this at the lake or beach,

served with some spicy panama jack cheese, sautéed shrimp, topped

with fresh garlic and cilantro. Relaxation at it's best.





  Red Fruit   RS:   4.5


  3.28   ALC:   12.8%


A special reserved wine, produced from fresh blueberries. Done at a

colder fermentation, this aged "Port" style wine is a relaxing evening

with something or someone so unique to enjoy.


Best Paired With:

A wonderful dessert wine for many, and some have enjoyed this as

a appetizer paired with a tomato spinach  bruschetta topped with

cashews. It's so rare, thus it's a great wine to surprise invited

friends with one evening.