The Vineyards

The Vineyard is always buzzing with activity. Whether

it's breaking ground for new expansion, entertaining

visitors and friends, experiencing the joy and excitement

of the harvest, or the labor of winter pruning, there is

always something exciting going on.


The first part of the vineyard was founded in 2001.

We have plans to continually expand the vineyard

each spring for the next few years. Once completed,

we will have approximately 70 acres planted in vine.

Amidst all the fun, the one thing we take seriously

at Uwharrie Vineyards is our winemaking.

 In the Spring Season when the vines first break dormancy, we will focus on our quality control in

the vineyard, training and nurturing each vine to its fullest potential. Our team is certified

and we carry all our official herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides chemical licenses.


Being an environmental friendly location, we monitor

closely the chemicals we use and work well to

maintain a healthy environment. Managing our

grapevines is of importance to us, but we also are a

Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary,

so managing the wildlife is a major factor for us in

the vineyard operations. During the month of June,

we usually see the vines bloom and the young small

grapes take life. We monitor the pH and structure of

the soil to target the best growing environment that

the vines will need for the season.


During the months of April, May, and June, we focus on

the spraying needed to secure our vines in the healthiest

conditions. We also monitor the climate temperatures

and run our mass irrigation system as needed. But

around the month of July, we stop irrigations because

we are wanting a smaller, but more concentrated grape.

Our harvest usually begins in late August and can last

until mid October, depending on the weather, climate,

and season. The grapes are monitored daily to

assure the right time for their harvesting.


Once the right balance of chemical conditions and

sugars take place, it's a busy two months for our team

as we begin careful chemical analysis of each of the

harvested fruit to select only the finest quality. No

attention to detail is overlooked in our "State of The

Art" winery. Each grape variety is chemically worked

with individually to bring forward its own unique

characteristics, passion, and structure..