When You Look At Our Wine Labels  . . . .  You'll See Something Special

  Our Philosophy
  The Story Behind Our Angel
  Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary
  The Uwharrie Mountains

We are often asked about the significance of our "Angel"

on our wine labels and it is a story that we are happy to

share when asked. As with all great stories, they usually

start with a wonderful beginning, and ours is no different.


During a family dinner one evening, the thought of

starting a vineyard entered into the conversation.

Thought of as nothing but more than amusing

dinner conversation, the subject was

dismissed as playful thought.


That evening, Anne Howell Braswell Sr. or "Momma Anne" as her family referred to her, dreamed of this

vibrate vineyard and winery, full in all its detailed colored imagery. Upon awaking, she described her

excitement to her husband, David C. Braswell Sr., her vision, and the birth of a vineyard was created.

The following year, she planted the first vine

at the newly established vineyard and the

future growth was in motion. During the next three years, Momma Anne continued

her long fight with cancer.


During that time, she would often discuss

the vineyard and future winery. Momma

Anne passed away on July 30th, 2003,

one month prior to the scheduled

ground breaking of the winery.

So when you visit the vineyard and winery, take a moment to reflect on the 1/2 mile white fence,

the trees in bloom, the interior decorations and colors, and all of the other countless details,

because they were constructed just as they were once dreamed. Our Angel was a truly remarkable

and wonderful wife,  true friend, and mother, and the Angel on our label is in remembrance of her.